In the fifties the Italian Automobile Club decided to push the tourist development in the Southern Italy, building an hotel chain in the main tourist locations. In those years were born the "Autostello A.C.I." , the italian answer to the american motels, whose name comes from. They were often provided with a parking lot and a gas station. In Puglia the Autostello of Altamura was built in the early 1955, in addition to Castellana Grotte and Rodi Garganico ones.

The occasional patrons and the US personnel coming from the nearby US Air Force bases started the citizen hotel receptiveness.
In the seventies the A.C.I. began to sell the buildings, and after a decade, most of them became private properties. Then, Altamura hotel’s manager bought it and became the owner to all intents and purposes. The passion for this job and sacrifices were fruitful; the structure was restored, enlarged and provided with any kind of comfort according to the period standards. It was about the middle of the eighties and this new hotel didn't have a name yet., but the great interest of its owner about Frederick II of Swabia suggested him the present name and thus the Hotel Svevia was born.